Fasy from FasyLive

Sunday 8th of December 2019

Fasy from FasyLive

“Music is an evolution from the moment it starts till the end.” - Fasy

Imagine yourself in a humble café’ with good friends and some really good food. Live music playing in the background and swaying you to the rhythm of it. Brightens up your mood, doesn’t it? Our interview with Fasy tells us why he thinks this is necessary for the Maldivian music scene.

Fasy says that well-performed live music shows bring out a certain kind of weird peace and happiness to people who hear and watch the show. It is much like a good end to your week. Routines make life difficult and people need something that genuinely pleasures them to unwind and Fasy regards music as one of those things. He is happy that the trend is catching on in the Maldives now.

Fasy is no stranger to Maldivian music lovers. He was born into the music scene and has risen as an inspirational music artist on an international level. With a huge fan base in Maldives and abroad, he constantly keeps in touch with music, be it collaborations with artists, music production, teaching music or just weekly jams. Fasy is known for his love of live performances and he encourages music events such as ‘Fannuge Dharin’, supporting artists whenever and however possible. He urges live performers to concentrate on connecting with the audience and engaging them in the performance.

“It is not about being the most practiced performer on stage. Flow the music to the reaction of the audience. It doesn't necessarily have to follow your plan.” -Fasy

We don’t see much of Fasy in Maldives these days because he is currently based in Malaysia with his family. Fasy stated that he works continuously regardless of where he is located. One of his latest projects was in fact in Malaysia; A series of tribute sessions to rock music - a collaboration with his good friend Karamjeet Singh.

Karamjeet is a Malaysian rally racer who is a huge fan and old friend of Fasy. He hardly misses any of Fasy’s performances and also happens to adore rock music specially AC DC, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and more awesome rock musicians. Fasy and Karamjeet, with the help of Mindspace, set up the series of shows, opening up platforms for local music performers to come and pay their tributes to rock musicians.