Angsana Velavaru Champions Sustainability with Earth Day Extravaganza

Angsana Velavaru Champions Sustainability with Earth Day Extravaganza

Thursday 25th of April 2024

Angsana Velavaru, the premium all-inclusive resort nestled in South Nilandhe Atoll, reaffirmed its dedication to sustainability by orchestrating a memorable Earth Day celebration on April 22. In harmony with the global observance coordinated by EARTHDAY.ORG since 1970, the resort orchestrated a series of impactful initiatives aimed at promoting responsible practices and raising awareness about environmental protection.

The festivities commenced with the unveiling of the "SustainLinen: Apron Collection" at Kaani Restaurant, featuring linens repurposed from villa décor, symbolizing the resort's transformative sustainability efforts.

Since July 2023, Angsana Velavaru's Green Sustainability Team has spearheaded initiatives like the "SustainLinen Tote Bag with Purpose" to combat plastic waste, extending the program to guests and neighboring communities. In honor of Earth Day, 30 tote bags crafted from recycled beach umbrellas were distributed to guests.

A tree planting ceremony led by the resort's Executive Assistant Manager and a reef cleanup session underscored the commitment to preserving the natural ecosystem. Meanwhile, children participated in bracelet-making workshops using repurposed fishing nets, emphasizing the importance of recycling and marine conservation.

Abdul Nasir Ibrahim, Executive Housekeeper, expressed excitement about Angsana Velavaru's sustainability commitment, highlighting the transformative impact of eco-friendly initiatives. Muhamad Izuan, Marine Environment Officer, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing collaborative efforts for a more resilient future.

As part of the Banyan Group, Angsana Velavaru stands as an EarthCheck Gold-certified oasis, offering 79 secluded beachfront villas and 34 InOcean Villas amidst azure waters. The resort's sustainable journey is evidenced by initiatives like eliminating single-use plastic bottles, installing solar panels, and implementing food compost machines, demonstrating a holistic commitment to environmental preservation.