Bank of Maldives Introduces COVID19 Safety Measures

Bank of Maldives Introduces COVID19 Safety Measures

Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

Bank of Maldives Introduces COVID19 Safety Measures

Bank of Maldives (BML) has introduced new safety measures in their outlets throughout the country. Most recently, the bank announced floor markers placed at the Customer Service Center and ATM locations to follow safety guidelines as per Health Protection Agency and to practice social distancing.

The Bank also informs that all the premises -ATM centres, branches and office building- will be disinfected on a regular basis. The premises will be closed for 1 hour during disinfection and timings will be accessible on BML’s webpage. It is important that customers note the schedule before planning a visit.

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While BML has initiated more frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all of our premises, hand sanitizers have been placed across all premises including offices, branches and ATMs. Further, tools and resources have been provided for employees to work from home and arrangements have been made for branch employees to work in shifts to provide essential services to customers.

From early on, the Bank has been sending out regular notices to remind all employees to remain vigilant and to practice good personal hygiene. Employees who are pregnant or have pre-existing medical conditions have been reassigned from customer-facing roles as required. Employees who are not feeling well have been strongly recommended to stay home.

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