Be A Kind Traveler And Make Meaningful Impacts With Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu

Be A Kind Traveler And Make Meaningful Impacts With Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu

Wednesday 8th of February 2023

Coco Palm Dhuni Kollhu of the Coco Collection has partnered with Kind Traveler to pave way for impactful holidays in the Maldives. Kind Traveler is the first socially conscious Give + Get hotel booking platform in the world that empowers travelers to be more responsible during their travels and contribute positively to the communities they visit.

Under this collaboration, guests staying at Dhuni Kolhu will be able to acquire special rates & perks from curated Kind Hotels after donating $10 or more to a local charity that meaningfully influences the community/destination they visited. Instead of donating locally, guests can also contribute to a charity of choice on the Kind Traveler platform with 100% of the proceeds directly going into charity. Consequently, a win-win situation for all is established, including the traveler, hotel and charity.

At Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, guests can invest in the Olive Ridley Project, a marine conservation mission to protect sea turtles and their habits through rescue & rehabilitation, scientific research, and education and outreach. Sea turtles have long since suffered life-threatening injuries from anthropological factors such as entanglement in marine debris, swallowing fishhooks, boat strikes and being kept inappropriately as pets.

It is vital that injured sea turtles are carefully nursed back into health by professional veterinarians to ensure their survival in the future. As such, Coco Pam Dhuni Kolhu houses Maldives’ first veterinarian-led turtle rescue centre, incepted in 2017. The on-site Olive Ridley Project Marine Turtle Rescue Centre features a laboratory, x-ray & ultrasound machines, an endoscope and surgical facilities and has successfully released 107 turtles back into the wild since opening after proper rehabilitation.

A $10 contribution to the Olive Ridley Project will help fuel the charity’s core values including expanding the scope of its rescue and rehabilitation efforts and broadening the understanding of sea turtles in veterinary care. Moreover, guests themselves will benefit from the donation as well by unlocking exclusive rates as a reward, all the while getting the satisfaction of making an eco-conscious and sustainable decision during their travels.

Apart from bringing a myriad of perks to travelers, Kind Traveler also spotlights each property in a purposeful light by linking the traveler with the local community impact opportunity and its ‘Kind Factors’. Kind factors refer to the initiatives that the hotel implements to further advance individual wellness, sustainability and community impact on the property. By portraying the hotel profile in this regard, it reaffirms a commitment to social responsibility at a time when transparency is highly valued by contemporary travelers and consumers.

On the premises of Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, several noteworthy Kind Factors can be seen ranging from environmental endeavours to local empowerment. In its eco-friendly strides, the resort hosts an in-house water purification and glass bottling plant to phase out the use of single-use plastic and its very own organic Chef’s Garden, where fresh produce is grown and harvested, Moreover, coral gardening projects are well underway at the house reef to revive and repropagate damaged corals. Likewise, since the resort is known to be a nesting site for green sea turtles, a resident Marine Biologist and the Olive Ridley Project protect and monitor nests until hatchlings arrive. In terms of community development, the resort makes use of local materials and exhibits Maldivian craftwork including traditional Maldivian lacquer work onsite, supporting local communities and the rich culture of the Maldives.

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