Be a part of Sustainability with Grand Park Kodhipparu

Be a part of Sustainability with Grand Park Kodhipparu

Wednesday 29th of July 2020

Be a part of Sustainability with Grand Park Kodhipparu

Just a mere 20 minute speedboat ride away from Male’, Grand Park Kodhipparu offers a luxurious destination array of activities for you to explore. But it is not all about just luxury at this barefoot island adventure. The resort commits to achieving environmental and socio-cultural sustainability through best practices.

An extensive Sustainability Management Plan put in place ensures the continual improvement of their sustainability performance. It covers the following areas:


Through conservation of resources, management of waste and environmental pollution, GPKD will act to conserve local biodiversity and ecosystems. They will also educate their guests and employees on these initiatives.


Providing opportunities to local communities in terms of employment and other economic activities, GPKD promotes extending opportunities for career growth and development in the resort.


To improve the quality of their products for guests, GPKD implements systems to measure and access performance in key areas and institute corrections where necessary.

Health and Safety

The safety of guests and employees are assured with a fully prepared Occupational Health and Safety Standards regulation to be ready at times of emergency.

Promotion and Awareness Raising

Focus is put on effective communication with guests and employees to for sustainable concepts outside of the physical boundaries of operation.

Grand Park Kodhipparu also has an appointed ‘Green Team’ who is responsible and skilled to ensure ongoing practices abide by their efforts in becoming sustainable. A Resident Marine Biologist engages guests and employees with underwater conservation and restoration of the resort’s coral reef system.

Here are a few of the many creative activities you could also do at home.

- Decorate your backyard with mosaic paths by taking a few used glass bottles/jars

- Get the kids involved and try out some table decor by reusing coconut husks/ cereal boxes

- Make some island arts and crafts

An eager and creative team at the resort would love to help you out if you require any tips or assistance. Nothing really goes to waste at GPKD where they try their best to celebrate the 4 R's - Rethink, Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. Be inspired to do the same.