Carvinal at Velaa

Carvinal at Velaa

Tuesday 25th of January 2022

Join the festivities and feel the spirit of the Brazilian Carnival on the shores of Velaa Private Island! Starting on the 7th of February, and ending on the 12th, these 6 days are promised to be filled with excitement and thrill.

The dance troupe, Brazilian Fantasy will be gracing the island with their presence and showing all the guests a good time. Brazilian Fantasy was founded in 2010 with a vision to create the best Brazilian samba and carnival shows in the UK and the rest of the world. Artistic Director Dahlia Elkateb and the core company dancers have trained samba extensively in Rio de Janeiro, immersing themselves in the samba communities in their quest to create the most authentic samba show outside of Brazil.

Since then, Brazilian Fantasy has performed on the world’s most famous stages, growing its dance team to 18 core members, and garnering a reputation for being one of the highest quality Brazilian Show acts outside of Brazil.

Three activities are planned for guests to enjoy privately. Brazilian Samba Dancing to work up a sweat and unleash their inner samba dancer. Drumming, where guests can learn and experience the different beats of samba-style drumming. And last, but certainly not the least, Capoiera, where guests can learn and try out the graceful and indigenous martial arts style of dance.

On the 8th, Brazilian Fantasy will be performing to the sultry jazz sounds of Brazilian Bossa Nova music as guests enjoy the exquisite Afro-Latino buffet. The main performance, on the 10th, guests will be able to enjoy a Brazilian grill beach barbecue in an unparalleled beachfront setting while they are entertained by a full-length Brazilian stage production. They will be taken on a journey from the Afro Brazilian roots of samba and capoeira through to the authentic experience of Rio’s famous Escolas de Samba, the show will culminate in an extravagant finale featuring the best of carnival couture, rhythm, and drums.