Cocoon Collection Presents Never Before Festival

Cocoon Collection Presents Never Before Festival

Wednesday 1st of May 2024

Prepare for a groundbreaking experience as the Cocoon Collection introduces the Never Before Festival, redefining the Maldives holiday scene from May 4th to 31st, 2024. Joy Island, Cocoon Maldives, and You & Me Maldives will host exclusive DJ sets, promising an unforgettable stay for resort guests.

From May 4th to 13th, Joy Island and Cocoon Maldives will welcome the acclaimed duo Merk & Kremont, along with Addal and Eddy Veerus, renowned for their infectious energy and remixes of chart-topping tracks.

The festival continues from May 13th to 31st at You & Me Maldives, featuring international DJs Minlee and Katrin Kova, known for their captivating performances and unique musical styles.

To elevate the experience, the Cocoon Collection offers special promotions, including complimentary seaplane and speedboat transfers, ensuring a truly unforgettable holiday in the Maldives.