COVID19- Maldives’ Status by the President

COVID19- Maldives’ Status by the President

Thursday 26th of March 2020

COVID19- Maldives’ Status by the President

The press conference was held on 25th of March, where the Maldives president addressed the country’s concern over the coronavirus pandemic. A decision has been taken by the government to lockdown the country on 27th march that temporarily stops issuing on arrival visa.

The president was consistently questioned over rent concerns in the situation, to which President Solih answered that eases to rent payments are being considered. Even if the situation worsens, the government has had a plan since the very first day and according to the state, the plan has been revised by the technical team thrice. ICU and isolation facilities are also being arranged to the required capacity.

The Maldives will find it easier to control the disease, considering the measures being taken and the current situation. However, it will continue to be a concern if the disease spreads in other countries. One of the decisions taken also include that resort employees will not be able to leave the resort until 14 days after the last guest leaves.

Currently, 50 resorts have stopped operations and after the latest precautionary measures taken, operations of all the resorts in the country will come to a halt. But the President appeals to keep the workers employed.

The president announces that this is not a financial crisis and according to economic forecasts, the country will return to a boom after the situation improves. He stated that the world needs to unite and help each other in order to overcome this.

He assures that the country can go on for 4 months without a dollar shortage and that countries bigger than this are facing an economic downturn. The countries banks will also be assisting the population in this situation.