Discover The Maldives Through These Stunning Experiences at Brennia Kottefaru

Discover The Maldives Through These Stunning Experiences at Brennia Kottefaru

Tuesday 30th of May 2023

Tucked away amidst the breathtaking landscape of Raa Atoll, Brennia Kottefaru enjoys the beauty of a panoramic beach, crystalline clear lagoon and world-class house reef thriving with marine biodiversity. Blessed as it is by nature on all sides, Brennia Kottefaru makes the cut as the ideal playground to indulge in bespoke experiences in the Maldives. Whether guests are seeking underwater, romantic or cultural adventures they are guaranteed to be entertained with these stunning inclusions.

Snorkelling Safari

Given the island’s position in Raa Atoll, the property is enclosed by a magnificent turquoise lagoon and reef line that is worth a visit during a stay. With the help of guides, explore the best sites around the island, greeting and connecting with the resident marine populations below. A snorkelling safari is the perfect day to discover the celebrated underwater beauty of the Maldives and is a must-try for all guests. Prior to snorkelling, guests will be given an introduction about the marine life they are expected to encounter below.

Dolphin Cruise

A relaxing way to end the day, a dolphin cruise at sunset is another extraordinary experience guests can sign up for. Even ideal for a date, romantic couples and families alike can enjoy this cruise as takes guests out on the water during the wonderful sunset hour. With a champagne flute in hand, guests can watch dolphins leap in and out of the water and catch a remarkable sunset as the horizon transforms into a canvas of hues.

Local Island Getaway

Despite its outward appearance as a famed tourist destination, the Maldives has more to it than meets the eye. The country is steeped in its own rich culture and heritage dating back generations. Culture enthusiasts can hop on a visit to the local island of Meedhoo to appease their curiosity and explore a glimpse of Maldivian culture and lifestyle. Maldivians are generally friendly, and guests can mingle with locals and carry home an authentic souvenir as a memento.

Island Escape Picnic

Enjoy a private picnic on a sandbank that is reserved for just guests and their loved ones. The ultimate card for blissful privacy, the pristine island will be your own stretch of land for the day. The sand strip extends all the way to the beautiful coral gardens, meaning guests can try snorkelling here as well. Or they can simply repose and happily take in the heavenly scenes while indulging in some light food and soft drinks.