Emirates Celebrates World First Aid Day With 3000 New Recruits Equipped With First-Aid Skills

Emirates Celebrates World First Aid Day With 3000 New Recruits Equipped With First-Aid Skills

Monday 12th of September 2022

Emirates Airlines marked this year’s World First Aid Day by recruiting 3000 new cabin crews, all equipped with aviation first aid skills. The new-comers have undergone 8 weeks of rigorous ‘ab-initio’ training on their road to become world-class cabin crews.

The ab-initio training features numerous courses ranging from security to service, safety and emergency to hospitality and includes the crucial medical response training as well. Dismantling the perception that cabin crews are just dolled-up waitresses, Emirates crew on-board is trained to cater for a number of different scenarios and situations. The trainings are conducted by utilizing both classroom and online learning, practical and in-situ methods ensuring all recruits are ready to save lives.

On-board medical training caters for a wide variety of different medical emergencies, delivering passengers on the flight with the best first-aid available. Cabin crews are well informed about first-aid protocols when dealing with collapsed casualties, choking passengers and patients experiencing breathing difficulties like asthma attacks and hyperventilation.

Moreover, they are also trained to handle sudden illnesses that may take place such as allergic reactions, different types of cardiovascular related ailments and even decompression illness and substance use. In addition to this, cabin crews will also cater for injuries on board and will be able to implement infection control procedures in the case of a communicable disease outbreak on flight.

During the schooling, the new recruits were taught using patient stimulation mannequins to carryout cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and deliver a baby as well as managing death on board. The trainings are conducted at the Emirates Cabin Crew Training Centre in Dubai by certified aviation first-aid instructors.