“Experiences Live from the Maldives”

“Experiences Live from the Maldives”

Thursday 20th of January 2022

“Experiences Live from the Maldives” is a social media series launched by Visit Maldives that brings exciting insights into selected authentic experiences from the exquisite Maldivian islands. The series is targeted to a global audience, enticing tourists with unique experiences they can partake while on their Maldivian holiday.

This 10-episode series will air on the official Facebook and YouTube channel of Visit Maldives, in addition to Visit Maldives’ Weibo, WeChat (China) handles, and localized social handles for Japan and South Korea. Key source markets to the Maldives in the pre-pandemic times are in focus for this campaign, especially Australia, China, Middle East, Southeast Asia and USA.

The exciting lineup of experiences covered will transport viewers to the tasteful dinner tables and scenic settings, all showcasing colorful and curated cultural adventures. The main aim of the campaign is to educate the global audience about the isolated Maldivian geography, diverse collection of activites and products in the destination, and the latest travel related information.

Much like last year, Visit Maldives is ambition on its mission to carry out strategic marketing campaigns, , including fairs, roadshows, familiarization trips, webinars, interviews and more. More than 60 in-person events are scheduled for the 2022 timeline, just for the first quarter.