Fall In Love For The Second Time At Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa

Fall In Love For The Second Time At Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa

Tuesday 24th of January 2023

The charming shores of Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa and its Signature Collection have unveiled this year’s Valentine's Day Romance Selection. The 2023 programme is curated to give couples meaningful and memorable romantic experiences that will forever be ingrained in their hearts. This February, the tropical recluse invites valentines for a truly romantic time that will bud the love, reignite the passion and pave way for cherished memories in the heart of paradise.

The popular saying “Food is the way to the heart” is proven flawlessly at Hideaway Beach Resort with a plethora of private dining experiences to indulge in. Couples can choose from an extensive list of options including an intimate dinner at the beach while enjoying the breathtaking sunset. The soft colours transforming the dusk sky will set the stage for an enchanting evening, with the Indian Ocean and your loved one by your side.

Another unique offer is to step foot on the Dhoni cruise with your partner on your arm as the traditional boat sets sail out onto the waters. Couples can capture the sunset from a totally different perspective here, with dolphins gleefully dancing and bubbly champagne in hand. Take in the magnificent sunset while savouring a decadent fruit platter and canapes.

Trench deeper into the serenity at Hideaway spa by taking on the Couples Massage. 60 minutes of a tailored treatment will be followed by a soothing bath to elevate the rejuvenating experience. With such a vitalizing spa journey, both of you can escape the stresses of everyday life and reconnect with each other more deeply.

In the villa itself, Romance will be heightened with special bed and bath decorations laid down for guests. Leaving the comforts of the bed in the morning can be difficult, but an in-villa floating breakfast is worth the effort. With a stunning expanse of blue welcoming you, the two of you can start the day with a delicious tray of treats! A noteworthy beginning to the stay.

Moreover, guests can also thrill their partners with a tropical flower bouquet, arranged by the resort pre-hand. For those looking to seal their paradisial moments in film, Hideaway provides the perfect solution with a Couple photo shooting package! Take back timeless memories as a souvenir of your lovely time in the Maldives.

Speaking on the upcoming Lover’s day, General Manager of Hideaway Beach Resort, Christophe Adam remarked “We are excited to offer our guests a wide range of romantic experiences this Valentine's Day. We believe that Hideaway’s Valentine’s Day programme has everything couples need to make their special day truly unforgettable. I am proud that many of our guests and TripAdvisor attest to the fact that Hideaway is one of the best Romantic Hotels in Asia.”

Even without the designated programme for Valentine’s Day, the luxurious resort is the ultimate getaway for couples. The idyllic, and pristine island offers great opportunities to unplug from the world and deepen connections. Renew the vows with a picturesque backdrop or cruise on the waters in the early evening glow. With every detail carefully placed from design and accommodation to experiences, the shores will make ever-lasting impressions on hearts, making them want to say ‘I Do’ all over again.