Feel Raajje Vibes When Grooving to Authentic Maldivian Tunes in Thaara Jehun

Feel Raajje Vibes When Grooving to Authentic Maldivian Tunes in Thaara Jehun

Saturday 16th of January 2021

If you didn’t know already, the Sunny Side of Life is also an Artsy and Musical Side of Life as well. The country has a rich culture that most beautifully can be seen through traditional songs, dances and craftmanship. It’s most likely that you have already herd about boduberu, but did you know that here are many more forms of folk music and dances? One of the most popular ones is Thaara Jehun, the Maldivian version of tambourines.

It is said that this form of entertainment comes to the Maldives from Gulf Arabs who visited the destination in the mid-17th century. Thaara Jehun holds a special place in Maldivian entertainment. But over the years, the practice has been carried out less frequently, and now it’s only seen on national celebrations. Regardless of it being rare, Thaara remains a loved local entertainment form in the country and tourists who get to experience this are lucky to get a taste of authentic Maldivian music.

Thaara is the local word for tambourine and is performed by 22 people seated in two parallel rows facing each other. The performers consist poof both dancers and singers wearing traditional clothes, most often sarongs and white shirts. Usually, the song starts with an extremely slow tempo and gradually increases to reach a crescendo. It has a catchy beat that will definitely get you grooving.

Credits: hihchaaboduberu

If you’d like to experience this on your next visit to the Maldives, make sure to fly off during the national holidays such as for Eid Holidays or Independence Day. 

Cover: Ekathi Boduberu