FHAM International Exhibition And Culinary Challenge Set To Commence At The End Of August

FHAM International Exhibition And Culinary Challenge Set To Commence At The End Of August

Monday 8th of August 2022

Food and Hospitality Asia Maldives (FHAM) have announced that the popular International Hospitality  Exhibition and Culinary Challenge will return this year with more than 100 companies participating this time. The main purpose of this event is to promote trade between the exhibitors and the Tourism Industry of the Maldives.

The FHAM Exhibition is an annual event targeted at the Hospitality Industry of the Maldives to showcase their products and services. The Exhibition draws attention from the Tourism Industry as a whole and many resorts, hotels, guesthouses, safari boat operators and restaurants take part in this festival to feature their well-loved products and services.

Set to commence on the 28th of August and extending till 30th of the month, the Exhibition provides rich opportunities for local, regional and international clients of the Tourism Industry to reveal their esteemed assets.

Held concurrently with this Exhibition is the prestigious International Culinary Challenge which brings over 500 chefs from almost all the resorts in the country to flex their masterful talents in the kitchen! The Challenge is endorsed and certified by the World Association of Chefs and Society (WACS) and is co-organised by the Chef Guilds of Maldives (CGM) and Chef Guilds of Lanka (CGL). The Challenge hopes to bring into light the Culinary excellence of different tourism establishments.

This year’s Culinary Challenge will also see a new category namely “The Best Culinary Establishment” and 11 resorts are competing for this title. While talking about the Challenge, President of the Chef Guilds of Maldives, Mariyam Noorudeen stated that this is a great opportunity for talented Maldivian chefs to show their potential and recover from the loss of the Covid-19 pandemic. She further added that this time the judges panel will host a number of renowned international and local judges as well.

This year’s International Exhibition and Culinary Challenge will feature 27 categories. Along with the Culinary Challenge the festival will also host a mock tail competition, barista competition and housekeeping competition all designed to showcase and improve the Hospitality and Culinary experiences in the Tourism Industry.