Finolhu Maldives – The Perfect Hub For Travelers Of Any Age!

Finolhu Maldives – The Perfect Hub For Travelers Of Any Age!

Monday 9th of May 2022

Famous for being one of the top Eco-friendly resorts, Finolhu Baa Atoll is located in the UNESCO-protected biosphere reserve it-self where unique marine creatures reside in. The resort makes their own water along with implementing a strong NO PLASTIC method for all their services, leaving their footprint on protecting the environment.

A natural playground where its summer all year round, Finolhu Maldives boasts of two-kilometer white powdery beaches that stretch across four islands, making it a chic barefoot paradise! Surrounded with lush greenery, the island boasts of Instagrammable spots and unique scenery all throughout. Finolhu Maldives never disappoints.

With 9 different stay options, Finolhu Maldives has an extensive collection for accommodation! The famous designers from Muza Lab in London have created a kaleidoscopic effect by bringing the brilliant colors of nature inside the villas in an almost irresistible way. Each villa features beautiful furnishings as well as plenty of solitude, allowing you to sleep, relax, and shower outside.

The outstanding accommodation however is the Beach Bubble Tent. Secluded from the rest of the island, located on the sandbank itself, this experiential sphere, which has its own shower and WC, has a wooden floor and a double bed with the finest bed linen. Whether you're awake or asleep, you'll feel a sense of infinity here for sure.

It's all about having options when it comes to luxury. Finolhu offers four different eateries to select from, depending on your preferences and mood. Finolhu cuisine is distinguished by a highly refined blend of skill, uniqueness, international flair, and local ingredients, with freshness always taking priority.

At Beach Kitchen, you have a front-row seat with a view over the sea or right next to the pool. Quite aside from the great views, Beach Kitchen is the culinary center of Finolhu. Finolhu’s fine dining restaurant is the award-winning Kanusan. Famous for its classical and modern Japanese cuisine, it is located on stilts and surrounded by the Indian Ocean. The restaurant is accessible via a short wooden walkway and has its own sushi area as well as an aperitif bar.

Next, the Arabian Grill will take you on a culinary adventure across North Africa & Middle East! The vibrant atmosphere of the gentle waves crashing and aroma of different spices from the cuisines makes it a culinary journey worth remembering. Last and certainly not the least, we have the Crab Shack. The rustic charm in the shack where sand in-between your toes and the scenic views that surrounds, this spot aligns perfectly for beach parties and sunsets.

For an ultimate relaxation, head on to the resort Spa for a wellness restart everyone needs every once in a while. The stress of life can whey you down, but an experience in Finolhu Spa can help you energize and get you the relief you seek. The Holistic programs and specially curated treatments matched by the oceanfront location is all set to bring you rejuvenation and healing.

Head on to the water sports center and indulge in the magical experiences Maldives has to offer! Whether wild or relaxed, wet or dry – kayaking, stand-up paddling, windsurfing or sailing with a catamaran, water fun here in Finolhu is limitless! The fact that the resort is located in the UNESCO bio reserve gives you the magical opportunity to dive with the mystical creatures. The Baa Atoll is the world's largest manta ray hotspot. Hundreds of them flock to Hanifaru Bay, which is only 30 minutes away by speedboat, from May to November.

Finolhu Maldives also features a gym to keep you in shape even through-out your vacation, offering a personal trainer upon request and a yoga pavilion as well. Moreover, the tennis court and the golf studio based in the resort has attracted many celebrities to Finolhu, where you can enjoy a game with friends, family or even take private classes from a coach!

The Art & Craft Studio allows you to free your imagination inspiring creativity within yourself. The studio activities range from painting to tie-dye t-shirt making, pottery and many signature activities. All the more reason to make Finolhu Maldives your next vacation spot.

The little humans have a special place in Finolhu with The Oceaneers Club where it inspires creativity via play, cooking, and baking, as well as guided adventures above and below the water. From sunrise to night, well-trained professionals are available at the Oceaneers Club for teenagers and toddlers making it the perfect opportunity for parents to mingle and relax for a few hours away.

There is still so much more to this beautiful resort and you can learn all about it when you take your crew to visit Finolhu Maldives for an experience of a lifetime. Finolhu has also recently signed up to be a part of Condé Nast Traveller UK – Readers’ Choice Awards 2022 in which guests can vote them up HERE.

The voting is set to go on until June 30th of this year, hence the more reason to visit and experience the beauty yourself, to cast your vote and bring more light and recognition to Finolhu Maldives to travelers across the globe.