Have You Heard of the ‘Tales of Maldives’?

Have You Heard of the ‘Tales of Maldives’?

Monday 25th of October 2021

For the first time ever, Tales from the sandy shores of Maldives are reaching beyond the waters of the archipelago, to a global audience. Depicted as a series of 9 short films by Visit Maldives, the unveiling of ‘Tales of Maldives’ took place on Facebook Live in a special hour-long broadcast event.

Interwoven with the identity of the Maldives, the promotional strategy for Maldives as a tourist destination has evolved over time from the signature ‘luxury tropical honeymoon getaway’ to include stories of folklore, magic and wonder. More and more travelers are indulging in the crucial element of an authentic Maldivian experience.

Visit Maldives produced ‘Tales of Maldives’ to bring these captivating stories for the audience to delve into intriguing romance, island living and what makes Maldives an irresistible destination. In a glimpse, you can witness our rich culture, heritage and iconic legends that will allow you to connect with our forefathers and their ancient times.

The aim of the campaign is to kick-start a journey towards achieving a highly powerful brand resonance and identity that will become an elemental part of Visit Maldives’ future marketing and promotional strategies.