Innovative Ways to Enjoy Outdoors While Being Safe

Innovative Ways to Enjoy Outdoors While Being Safe

Thursday 21st of May 2020

Innovative Ways to Enjoy Outdoors While Being Safe

It could be possible for you to enjoy outdoors such as beaches and parks while maintaining social distancing, with a bit of innovative thinking. According to Business Insider, authorities and architects have come up with innovative ways for people to enjoy the outdoors while social distancing this summer.

Park circles

Park goers were pictured lazing in circles over the weekend at Domino Park, a five-acre recreational area on the Brooklyn waterfront that features fountains, a fog bridge, and courts for bocce and beach volleyball.

Social Distancing Parks

Austria now has a social distancing park. Studio Precht came up with a design proposal for a vacant plot in Vienna to be transformed into a park that would incorporate the rules of social distancing called 'Parc de la Distance'. Laid out in a swirling, maze-like pattern of circular, hedge-lined paths, the design was inspired by a fingerprint.


Italian designer Umberto Menasci proposed a solution: "Safebeach," a set of plexiglass boxes that divide the beach up and force social distancing. The top of plexiglass box is open for ventilation, and it can also be cooled manually with water. On the side, there is a table where servers can leave food or drinks ordered through the app to prevent more cross contamination.

Bumper tables

A beachfront restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland is using what it calls "bumper tables" to keep outdoor diners apart. As businesses start to reopen in many U.S. states, Revolution Events, Design and Production has created giant inflatable inner tubes that are fixed on wheels and designed to help people stay six feet (1.8 metres) apart in public spaces.