Inside The Beach Club Grill Restaurant at Emerald Maldives

Inside The Beach Club Grill Restaurant at Emerald Maldives

Tuesday 12th of October 2021

Superior quality in gourmet dining service immediately places the restaurant on a must-experience list. One such restaurant in the Maldives is located in the glorious island of Emerald Maldives – the Beach Club Grill.

This beachfront restaurant sits just steps away from the preceding lagoon, immediately setting the scene for a memorable meal. Prepped with the freshest of ingredients and served by a team of efficiently running staff, the restaurant is synonymous with the highest standards of varied cuisines from around the globe.

Play around with your taste palette and explore mouthwatering lunches and dinners based off of a selection of freshly caught seafood, meat, and vegetables grilled to perfection. The flavors are further enhanced with the aromas of spices blending into a unique and authentic taste. Close attention is paid to maintaining the integrity of the fewest possible addition of ingredients so to not confuse the palette and more importantly, preserve the original flavors.

The vast expanse of the restaurant extends into a pizza and pasta station, with a Beach Pool Bar completing this deluxe experience. Add a cherry on top to it all with every special and refreshing smoothy treat served at the bar boosting your body and mood simultaneously. If experienced at golden hour, it would definitely a scene to remember for a lifetime as the sky turns rose gold.