Joali Being at the Forefront of Innovative Wellness Practices in The Maldives.

Joali Being at the Forefront of Innovative Wellness Practices in The Maldives.

Tuesday 14th of September 2021

Joali Being highlights the importance of balance in wellbeing as all treatments, therapies, and experiences are woven around the Four Pillars of Joali Being: A journey of transcendence is supported by a philosophy Mind, Skin, Microbiome, and Energy. Truly setting the standards as the only nature immersive wellbeing island retreat of its kind in the Maldives.

General Manager Özgür Cengiz shared that all the signature Immersion Programs are highly customizable. Wellbeing seekers are encouraged to discover, explore and learn, with the ultimate aim of achieving “weightlessness” – a sense of joy and freedom.

As the world enters a new era of balance-focused and immersive wellbeing, experiences the island’s transformative venues open doors to new pathways of wellbeing, infusing established practices with the latest and greatest revelations in wellbeing practices:

Sound Therapy is at the forefront with ambient wellness music, soundscapes, and personalized healing sessions, fueled by a growing body of scientific evidence. Research has shown a broad range of positive impacts of sound healing, from boosting mental health to improving mind and body balance. Experience the healing power of sound at two exceptional venues, created in collaboration with the retreat’s sound healing visionary. The Sound Therapy Hall provides a mesmerizing space to restore inner balance through a harmony of music and vibration. The Discovery Sound Path consists of an outdoor sound therapy oasis, resonating with the natural rhythms of the island. The palm-fringed trail offers opportunities to interact with 9 unique types of instruments. “This is my favorite spot on the island. It makes me feel recovered at a soul-deep level,” shares Özgür. Additionally, each of the 39 treatment rooms is equipped with signature sound instruments aligned with planetary frequencies and in synergy with its location on the island.