JOALI BEING Brings Wellbeing Experts All-Year Round Helping Guests Realise The Joy of Weightlessness

JOALI BEING Brings Wellbeing Experts All-Year Round Helping Guests Realise The Joy of Weightlessness

Monday 27th of February 2023

The wellness-centric island of JOALI BEING is inviting an international delegation of visiting wellness practitioners throughout the year 2023, allowing guests to experience the true meaning and joy of weightlessness in the pristine Maldives. From January onwards, guests can elevate their well-being journeys on the island by immersing themselves in innovative sessions brought by visiting experts. This includes transformative and natural healing, Watsu, awareness, sound healing and much more, all staged against the soothing scenery of the natural surroundings.

A scintillating lineup of wellness stars from around the world will bring their best practices to JOALI BEING this year. Some of the featured professionals include:

Transformative Healing with Javier De Prado Lizano

Duration: 1st January-10th April 2023 , 24th November 2023-1st March 2024

A renowned master of craniosacral and Watsu therapies and a champion of visceral manipulation and Osteothai techniques, Javier De Prado Lizano will be inviting guests to uplift their stays with a seamless blend of Eastern and Western healing traditions. Relying on De Prado Lizano’s travels and studies with therapeutic masters from various cultures, the sessions will focus on helping guests lead their transformation from within by creating a state of comprehensive well-being.

Natural Healing with Alexandra Demolling

Duration: 1st January-15th April 2023 , 15th December 2023-18th March 2024

Demolling is an experienced naturopath and iridologist who will be using herbal and vibrational remedies to guide guests on a holistic journey to mind and body balance. Her expert knowledge will be utilized in treating issues such as stress, inflammation and food intolerances while assisting guests to discover a more authentic and purposeful version of themselves.

Demolling’s extensive experience and studies stem from her time at the School of Italian Holistic Medicine in Milan and she now brings her therapies to the Indian Ocean. During her residency, guests can sign up for Demolling’s Bach floral consultations, human design readings and iridology readings supported with naturopathic advice.

Freeing the Body & Mind in Water with Toru Ogasawara

Duration: 1st February-15th March 2023

Conducted overwater, Watsu is an inventive aquatic bodywork technique that comprises guided stretching, massages, and movements. Supplying the treatments to JOALI BEING is Toru Ogasawara, certified Senior Instructor of the Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association and CEO & Executive Instructor of Okinawa Wastsu Centre. Ogasawara will engage guests in several interesting sessions by supporting the body in water to help improve muscle tone, range of motion, overall alignment and quality of breath as well as sleep patterns, circulation & heart rate.

Sink deeper into the sensation of feeling the body and mind being freed through 60 and 90-minute Watsu treatments with the acclaimed practitioner.

Neuroscientist in Residence – Dr. Tara Swart Bieber

Duration: 2nd April-17th April 2023

Globally acclaimed PhD neuroscientist and Oxford University-trained medical doctor, Dr. Tara Swart Bieber is also a professor at MIT Sloan and the Executive Advisor and Bestselling author of Science and Spirituality. Her research focuses on intriguing areas of neuroscience such as neuroplasticity, the gut-brain axis, psych-dermatology and brain optimization. During her residency, Dr. Bieber will invite guests to epitomize their stays with immersive experiences that prepare them to better re-engage their daily lives.

Some of the creative sessions brought by Dr. Bieber will enable guests to find personal clarity through a range of experiences such as individual executive coaching, reinvention based on neuroplasticity, individual wellbeing consultations and group-guided medications that focus on nervous system resetting or cognitive enhancement.

The WiseMotion Method with Dr. Hanna Poikonen

Duration: 17th April-31st May 2023

Dr. Hanna Poikonen holds a doctoral degree in the neuroscience of movement, dance and music from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Helsinki in Finland. A neurologist, dancer and movement specialist, Dr. Hanna has integrated her knowledge in science and experience in studying contemporary dance, martial arts and meditation to develop the WiseMotion method. This method focuses on improving physical abilities, self-awareness and social bonding via movement and neuroscience.

During her time at the resort, she will be leading workshops and masterclasses for guests including individual and group retreats, outdoor calm and aware movement meditation sessions and achieving weightlessness through dance sessions. Her WiseMotion masterclass will cover brain health, high performance and stress management, enlightening guests on several disciplines during her stay.