Journey to One Million – A Reflection on the role of Visit Maldives

Journey to One Million – A Reflection on the role of Visit Maldives

Saturday 23rd of October 2021

In just a few weeks, Maldives will soon be welcoming the millionth tourist to arrive in the destination – an incredible achievement for one of the smallest countries in the world amid a global pandemic.

An island nation heavily reliant on tourism, Maldives was significantly worst-hit by the onset of the pandemic. 2021 begun with a difficult task at hand – promoting Maldives as a safe haven for travel at a time when the world was showing increasing reluctancy to travel.

Making it their mission to place Maldives on top of travelers’ minds as the most preferred destination to travel, Visit Maldives set out to highlight the unique geography of the island nation and its perseverance to set health and hygiene measures at a new standard.

In this regard, Visit Maldives has participated in 25 of the leading industry trade fairs across the globe. 39 marketing campaigns have kicked off on various platforms with influential players of international tourism. FAM trips for more influential media presence from different markets held so far adds up to 22. 6 global level campaigns are currently ongoing, reaching millions of potential travelers.

The success of the marketing activities is genuinely reflected on the positive image of Maldives and the adoration travelers have for the Maldives. Their stays have never been more sublime, and the constantly rising numbers of tourist arrivals show the persistence of the industry stakeholders of Maldives to rebuild a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable industry.