Largest Incentive Group to Addu Lands

Largest Incentive Group to Addu Lands

Sunday 22nd of May 2022

May 14, 2022 marks a joyous day in the history of Addu city since tourism spanned to this southernmost atoll of the nation. The largest incentive group of travellers landed in Gan International Airport onboard Sri Lankan Airlines flight from New Delhi, India.

This is a remarkable event celebrated by the airlines since resuming operation. Since May 10, the airline has scaled up daily flights to Gan to twice a week. and organizers of the trip, Lily Tours Maldives in collaboration with the Royal Hospitality Group from India.

A total of 60 tourists arrived in the group to stay in the beautiful South Palm Resort Maldives. Offering a tranquil haven of authentic Maldivian experiences, the resort is at the utmost untouched peak of the destination, ready to be explored.

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