Makunudu Island - A Paradise Preserved

Makunudu Island - A Paradise Preserved

Wednesday 16th of September 2020

Makunudu Island - A Paradise Preserved

Makunudu Island is that one magical place that sweeps you off your feet into an abyss of immense pleasure and excitement. Glistening beaches give way to the crystal-clear waters of a turquoise lagoons, merging into unending ocean views.

Tranquility gently seeps into your soul without making a sound and the impeccable hospitality that you find here are sure to make you feel like at home. This little island is a beautiful untouched paradise, that is sure to form a special place in the heart of its guests. Let all your worries slip away from you as you take your sandals off and step onto the pristine white sands, making you feel more alive than ever before.

Here are some of the best parts of the resort that will definitely delight you more than anything!


Makunudu’s restaurant Ara Iru, which means Rising Sun, stuns you with electrifying flavors that sends the taste of indulgence right up from your tongue to your heart. It’s almost too good to be true! Indulge in a celebration of international cuisines in sumptuous buffets and feel how royal food actually tastes like. Refreshing drinks and sunset cocktails are also available for you to just chill out!


Can you not hear the ocean beckoning you? Follow its voice and discover its underwater wonders and just fish its depths from the moonlit deck of a dhoni. Adventure and relaxation are the perfect combination, as you admire the stunning marine life when you snorkel in the house reef, or adventurously try a free introductory dive, uncovering deeper mysteries at spectacular nearby dive sites. And for some turning up of the volume of romance, couples can go on a sunset cruise or a private champagne lunch on a secluded sandbank, tailored just for two.

Makunudu Island is pleased to announce that they have received the TripAdvisor 2020 Travelers’ Choice Award, that has got the resort placed in the top 10% of hotels worldwide.

They sincerely thank all of their loyal guests and amazing team members for the recognition, and have stated that this is yet another remarkable milestone for Makunudu.

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