Maldives: A UAE Travelers’ Favorite

Maldives: A UAE Travelers’ Favorite

Saturday 1st of February 2020

Maldives: A UAE Travelers’ Favorite

In 2019, UAE, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Maldives, Italy, Egypt, Switzerland, and Azerbaijan were the top ten most popular destinations for UAE travelers booking with Dnata Travel.

Dubai National Air Transport Association is an Emirati airport services provider that provides aircraft ground handling, cargo, travel, and flight catering services.

Even in 2020, the UAE remains on top as travelers across the country opt for staycations at the world-class hotels on their doorstep, with beach, island and desert resorts proving most popular.

Thailand remains a favored choice, a year-round destination offering city and island life. More travelers are spending time in Koh Samui and Dnata predicts this will continue in 2020. Turkey's cultural capital, Istanbul, is ever popular, with the 2020 UEFA Champions League Final in May set to drive more traffic this year.

London’s cities, Saudi Arabia’s religious tourism, Switzerland’s skiing and Azerbaijan will be on the top as well. "Italy is timeless with beautiful architecture, scenery, and cuisine. While Egypt, a land of history, will welcome more visitors in 2020 to the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum."

More and more people are spending time in the Maldives’ tropical islands as well as Mauritius, Sri Lanka and the Seychelles.