Maldives is Number One Honeymoon Destination for 2021

Maldives is Number One Honeymoon Destination for 2021

Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Maldives is Number One Honeymoon Destination for 2021

With the year 2020 welcoming everyone with a pandemic outbreak, the entire world is taken by shock as it watches what seems, like the world falling apart. During these pandemic times, the most affected are particularly couples, whose hopes and dreams of their big day have been crushed due to the impose of travel restrictions.

But don’t worry, love-birds! Your wings might have been tied down for a while but with things easing up a bit, you can take to the skies once again in no time!

As per a new honeymoon report released from worldwide travel specialist, Kuoni, couples are now more determined than ever to make their first trip one that they will never forget as there is a steady stream of bookings for 2021, both re-bookings for cancelled honeymoons this year and new bookings from couples planning ahead.

With saving and upgrading turning into a trend among couples, couples pull out all the stops to make their honeymoon extra special. The changing travel advice alongside the pandemic also means that couples are turning to trusted brands who promise flexibility in case anything needs to be changed before they go.

The Maldives tops the dream honeymoon destination list for 2021. Video appointments for planning honeymoons got in demand, and since introducing honeymoon appointments by zoom in July, Kuoni has had arranged hundreds of virtual meetings with couples who want to see and “meet” a travel expert and talk about their plans.

Derek Jones, CEO of Kuoni, said that while this is a very emotional time for couples, the Kuoni team has helped a lot of couples change their plan dates to their preference. Because the love-blossoming resort understands that a honeymoon is still the most important holiday of a couple’s life and it is evident that despite the turmoil in travel, people are still determined to adapt their wedding and honeymoon plans!