Maldives Wave: The Nation’s First Watch

Maldives Wave: The Nation’s First Watch

Thursday 9th of January 2020

Maldives Wave: The Nation’s First Watch

Maldives Wave is the very first brand in Maldives to create their own line of wrist watches. 20 year old Mohamed Zaaji changes the business world in Maldives with a brand created to represent Maldives in the international world.

“I’ve always had a passion for watches.” There’s always an inspiration behind every business idea. Since his childhood, he had a passion for watches, mainly because of his father who used to collect watches. The first branded watch that changed his life was Rado, an extremely popular brand in Maldives.

“Even when I was young, I’ve always wanted to be a businessman.” When he was in grade 7, he used to sell phone cases, which turned out to be successful.

“Gaining knowledge is important when starting up a business.” Zaaji, who studies Bachelor of Business in Singapore says that managing a business while studying is hard. Many people leave their education after their business but knowledge is important for success. For e.g. he plans to make sustainable watches with 100% biodegradable products by the end of 2020.

“I used my own savings to invest in my business.” Within 3 to 4 months, the business will also open up an official store in Majeedhee Magu.

“We aim to compete with international brands.”- Maldives Wave is the first brand in Maldives, so there are no local competitors. The brand wants to be able to compete brands like Daniel Wellington.

“The watches will be the perfect memory for tourists.”The brand will be releasing a couple series, which will be a great merchandise for tourists.

With a total 19 designs already completed, the watches will be gradually released to the market. In the future, the brand will also create gold plated and rose gold watches.

Mohamed Zaaji Ismail's message to the young entrepreneurs in Maldives: Every business has its ups and downs. Dream big and make enough efforts. It’s hard but not impossible.