Meet Anica Roch, The New Resident Manager of Mirihi Maldives

Meet Anica Roch, The New Resident Manager of Mirihi Maldives

Tuesday 22nd of June 2021

Working alongside the General Manger of Mirihi Island Resort, Anica Roch has been promoted as the new Resident Manager at the resort. She will be at the helm of the guest facing services at the beautiful island resort and believes that the core of the new role lies in self-development and bettering her team simultaneously.

Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Anica is a graduate from the University of Copenhagen where she studied sustainable tourism, her wealth of experiences in the hospitality industry spans across five countries. For the first time as a Resident Manager, Anica felt like it was a dream come true to be working in an island haven such as Mirihi.

Mirihi Island Resort Maldives

"Living on an island the people appreciate the nature and the lifestyle so much more.” said Anica. “The lifestyle on the mainland often times is rushed and just fast. On islands I enjoy the opportunity to go to almost empty beaches regularly and that life isn’t all about work but that there are other things to look forward to."

In her new role, Anica will be overseeing day-to-day operation of the resort, in particular front of the house operations. She will be working closely with the GM in formulating strategies and policies and will be responsible for implementing those strategies together with the HODs at the resort.

Anica is known for her enthusiasm in the field and communication is a skill she embraces rather closely. As per Anica, really listening to each other can prove key to getting involved in the work being done and express opinions in a healthy environment to finally deciding on what is the best way. Ultimately, this will lead to the wellbeing of the whole team too, she says.

Mirihi Island is a celestial sanctuary that invites guests to leave their shoes behind and enjoy ‘the art of doing nothing’. Paired with impeccable hospitality, this award-winning resort is the epitome of an island holiday well spent.