MMPRC and ITAKA Join Forces to Promote the Maldives to the Polish Market

MMPRC and ITAKA Join Forces to Promote the Maldives to the Polish Market

Thursday 13th of January 2022

The Maldives Marketing and Public Corporation (MMPRC / Visit Maldives) has started a month-long joint advertising campaign with the popular tour operator IKATA, targeting the Polish market, in January 2022.

IKATA is one of the most popular tour operators in Poland which offers holidays to over 100 locations worldwide and has 30 years of experience under its belt. They served 915,000 clients in 2018 and with over a 30% market share, IKATA holds a spot as one of the most experienced tour operators in the Polish market. The campaign with them is hoped to strongly increase Maldives’ visibility in the Polish market.

In order to promote renowned products and uniquely-Maldivian experiences, the campaign will market digitally and conduct outdoor ambient activities. Their main focuses will be to promote the fact that the Maldives is a safe haven, market the products (resorts, hotels, guesthouses, and liveaboards), the

safety measures in place at these facilities and the latest travel guidelines for the benefit of Polish

travelers planning to visit the Maldives.

For the digital aspect, Google ads will be published on major Polish websites and portals, social media platforms, and push messages and emails will be sent through Polish travel trade to potential tourists. Slides with destination advertisements on App TV will be displayed during the campaign in 150 shops all around Poland. Furthermore, outdoor advertising will be placed in 2 areas of Poland during this campaign.

The campaign aims to maintain the Maldives as the top-of-mind destination; utilize the connectivity

(currently the only direct flight from Poland) to market the destination and increase the number of

bookings; and boost the destination presence during the peak season.