More Than A Holiday at Amilla - This is As Good As A Burger Can Get!

More Than A Holiday at Amilla - This is As Good As A Burger Can Get!

Thursday 23rd of September 2021

The one thing you must not compromise on is having good food. With the fast-changing trends throwing light on the importance of scrutinizing everything we put into our bodies, eating healthy has become more of a challenge than most would like; especially while on holiday. Understanding the urgency of the matter, this 5-star resort stepped in with a groundbreaking take on their culinary offerings, and we had to dive in!

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences located in the unspoiled Baa Atoll in the Maldives envelopes you in its warm embrace the moment you step foot on the island. It resonates in the elite services provided at the resort too, evidently curated with a holistic approach in mind. Recently rolled out, the ‘Wellness Your Way Program’ at Amilla took to the different eating lifestyles of guests, and went ahead to tailor menus to fit various preferences without compromise on the delightful tastes.

As part of the program, Amilla switched to sourcing their ingredients in the most ethical way possible – untreated and authentic meat, organic ingredients for the base, homegrown herbs for garnish, homemade sauces made with ingredients sourced onsite to add bling to the dish. Whip it all together and voila, Amilla made what could confidently be claimed as the Most Ethical Burger served at any restaurant in the whole of Maldives!

Squished between the softest almond flaxseed rolls that are generously coated with Homemade@Amilla banana ketchup (banana + coconut sugar) is a thick beef patty. Guests are reassured that the meat comes from happy, healthy cows breathing the cleanest air at a UK based farm that practices carbon neutral farming. For those who would like a bacon version of it, pork is sourced from the Dinglely Dell farm in UK, home to over 33 hectares of land dotted with wildflowers for bees.

The active chickens in the Cluckinghum Palace at Amilla contribute to the final touch of the burger, a mouthwatering fried egg sitting pretty on a bed of Homegrown@Amilla ‘kullha fila fai’ herbs. Packed with the bespoke goodness of all the ingredients, the burger fits perfectly to a low carb, gluten free eating lifestyle.

Our minds were blown at the first bite! Fresh, scrumptious as it looks and leaving behind a passionate taste, the burger is not to be missed at the resort.