More Than a Holiday at Amilla – Where Cocktails Come Alive!

More Than a Holiday at Amilla – Where Cocktails Come Alive!

Monday 27th of September 2021

Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences makes everything more interesting. Why do we say so? Living Cocktails!

In a series of revelations of exciting new additions to its menu, Amilla introduced homemade Kombucha offering a fresh breath of air to guests. The widely popular drink is a fermented black or green tea that gives off a light effervescence when served chilled. Described as Amilla’s ‘lacto-fermented living lemonade’, Kombucha on the island comes in different mouthwatering flavors.

Fused with numerous health benefits, Kombucha is included in the welcome drink basket offered to guests as they enter their very own slumbers in the exclusive island. A fresh sip and you can relax well into the day. If it fits your cup of tea, do drop by the bar and explore the many tastes Kombucha is produced in on the island.

Amilla Maldives is an energetic sanctuary preserved in its natural state to embody a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. From bubbles on the beach to treehouses in the lush jungle, the resort offers unique experiences for a vacation. Keeping busy curating a wide array of innovative activities for the festivities, the resort is welcoming guests from all around the world. Make your way over and don’t forget to have a sip of Kombucha while there!