Mother Nature’s Best Art, A Surfer’s Nirvana: Gaafu Dhaal Vaadhoo

Mother Nature’s Best Art, A Surfer’s Nirvana: Gaafu Dhaal Vaadhoo

Thursday 14th of January 2021

What picture comes to your mind when someone says island? Crabs running on the silver carpet of sand just where the waves roll gently. The sun shining above, sharing some of its shimmer with the crustal clear ocean. Birds chirping rhythmically with the sound of the leaves swaying. Or is it the image of culture and history that you picture? Despite how you may describe an island experience, there’s no such experience like a trip to Gaafu Dhaal Vaadhoo.

Vaadhoo is an inhabited island in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll (South Huvadhoo Atoll) and is the largest island of the province. Apart from some breathtaking views and some jaw dropping waves that’s sure to get you running to your surf board, this island of nmatched beauty offers much more for you to take home when you leave. The island is home to two stone prayer mounds and a mosque that dates to the 17th century. The mosque is believed to have been built by Abu al-Barakat Yusuf al-Barbari, the man who brought Islam to the Maldives.

The nearby Blue Bowls is a popular surf spot in the country. Just looking at those waves makes you thirsty for adventure! The protected setting from the wind makes Blue Bowls almost always surfable, especially since it handles all stages of the tide well. Blue Bowls ranges between three to eight feet but is particularly ideal at four to six feet, with westerly wind during a southeast or southwest swell.

You can stay on this island in a guesthouse and spend the whole day enjoying the local life and island vibes. So if you’re all about adventure and nature, this is your place. 

Photos: Visit Vaadhoo , Blue Bowl (GDH Vaadhoo)