New Flavors New Presentation, Same Amazing Quality

New Flavors New Presentation, Same Amazing Quality

Saturday 16th of April 2022

The new exciting additions to the already impressive roaster at Duniye at Kuramathi Island Resort look so good that we partially don't want to eat it because then the amazing presentation would be ruined. True to its name, Duniye which translates to 'world' the restaurant is bringing its guests the best of the world's flavors in one epicurean setting.

So, starting off with the appetizers, guests can expect Miso Risotto with shimeji mushrooms, Angus Beef tartare roll, and Shrimps croquettes with homemade smoked shrimps followed by the truffle-flavored Chestnut cream soup with foie gras. It all sounds so elevated and fancy, what we wouldn't give to try it just once!

The new entrees consist of delicious experiences such as the Flavours of Provence, a heaping of seafood and fish in fennel sauce and saffron, oregano-marinated Tiger prawn, sweetbread stuffed Veal filet, braised Pork belly with octopus in Chinese black vinegar dressing, and the varied yet tasteful iterations of lamb; crispy braised, oven-roasted, or pan-fried.

Even though the chefs at Duniye are masters at cuisines from all across the globe, they still pay homage to the local cuisines with their versions of Maldivian dishes such as the Muranga Tholhi Kiru Garudhiya, a curried poached chicken with green mango condiments.

And our personal favorite, dessert, is now inclusive of an inventive line-up such as the Mango & passion souffle, and the spectacular truffle to name a few.

Honestly, who wouldn't go there just to have a great meal?