Nova Maldives Brings An Alluring  Eid Al Adha Getaway For Guests  This June

Nova Maldives Brings An Alluring Eid Al Adha Getaway For Guests This June

Tuesday 11th of April 2023

With Eid Al-Fitr mere weeks away, Nova Maldives has already unveiled its exclusive programme for its sister holiday, Eid Al Adha which falls on June 2023. Taking place from 28th to 31st June 2023 the bright new resort invites guests to have a memorable time on the island by indulging in moments of togetherness with loved ones.

Guests can arouse the senses with sumptuous gastronomy with many different culinary adventures featured during the Eid holidays. Gourmands can lavish in everything ranging from themed Arabian and local nights that merge cultural horizons to extravagant Eid feast buffets and a fish market under the stars. Tantalizing the tastebuds further is a bespoke Arabic-themed dinner where cuisine-lovers can delight in delicious dishes from all across the Middle East.

Epicureans who are curious about Maldivian cuisine can broaden their culinary horizons by participating in an exclusive Maldivian cooking class. Experience the richness of indigenous flavours and aromas first-hand by diving deeper into the knowledge and skill needed to craft one such local favourite. Guests can also unwind and finish days with an array of shisha mixes and traditional Arabic coffee, Gahwa at the beach.

Bringing the distinct Maldivian culture and heritage into the picture, Nova Maldives is stepping up this year’s Eid celebrations with a traditional cultural parade. A time-honoured tradition among Maldivians for many generations, the Bodu Mas performance will feature the characteristic giant fish mascot weaved using palm tree leaves. The parade will portray the local folklore surrounding the mysterious fish with the story unfolding in several enticing layers.

As part of the Eid celebrations, guests can also explore the Maldivian culture better by signing up for a Dhivehi language class or donning some cool Henna art designs. Continuing in this wake, experience seekers can even attend a Maldivian lacquer art workshop where the meticulous yet beautiful craftmanship is highlighted by local artisans. Likewise, fishing fanatics on the island can hop on a classic Maldivian Dhoni at sunset for an exhilarating fishing race on the waters.

Guests looking forward to a revitalizing retreat on the island can have their fair share of wellness with Eskape Spa. Several holistic spa offerings will enable guests to descend into blissful relaxation by drawing inspiration from the sacred wisdom of traditional Maldivian medicine. Unlock the secrets of native ancient therapies through 60-minute treatments such as the soulful floral touch.

With aquamarine blue waters enclosing the island on all sides, Nova Maldives offers limitless ways to celebrate Eid Al-Adha in the water as well. Oceanholics can wear their snorkelling gear and hit the turquoise waters to swim alongside whale sharks and manta rays. In addition to this, many complementary inclusions can be enjoyed above the surface too such as dolphin cruises, movie nights under the stars, group fitness activities and so much more!

Therefore, do not miss this golden chance to have a wholesome and meaningful Eid Al-Adha with Nova Maldives. From exquisite gastronomy to a plethora of cultural happenings, Nova Maldives is the place to be this June where guests can celebrate the auspicious occasion with loved ones.