Say ‘Cheers!’ to A New Year Under Unlimited Sunlight at Kudafushi Maldives!

Say ‘Cheers!’ to A New Year Under Unlimited Sunlight at Kudafushi Maldives!

Saturday 21st of November 2020

A small piece of paradise in an infinite ocean of life, where the green of nature meets the crystal clear water while the white coral beach defines the border. As the bells jingle, get ready to spend the most wonderful season of the year at Kudafushi Maldives and enjoy up to 50% discount on your stay!

Although this secluded heaven is small, it has something for everyone. Wake up to the waves crashing in your Water Villa or palms swaying in your Beach Villa. You decide how you’re going to make your vacation magical because Kudafushi has to all ready, all experiences waiting to be discovered by you.  

Indulge yourself moments of pure bliss with a wide range of treatments and massages at the Spa. Discover stunning escapes where sun, blue sky and the turquoise ocean blend together. There’s no better opportunity to discover the incredible Raa Atoll, where dolphins, mantas, turtles and unique blend of marine life are spotted regularly. Enjoy a variety of culinary experiences.

Book your festive season with this light-filled gem and let its relaxing setting, delightful culinary offerings and heartwarming celebrations bring joy to the heart. The offer is valid from 1st December 2020  to 6th January 2021.