Serving Maldivian Kukulhu Riha for Dinner Tonight

Serving Maldivian Kukulhu Riha for Dinner Tonight

Saturday 13th of February 2021

If I were to choose one between Chicken Curry and any other dish to delve in for the rest of my life, it will be Chicken Curry, no questions asked. In the Maldives, we love having flatbread with any sort of curry and a majority of us just cannot get through a weekend without a hearty serving of Chicken Curry. Tradition states that chicken must be made in some form to entertain the lunch table on a lovely Friday and curry is one of the simplest dishes you can make.

Today, we are bringing the recipe of Chicken Curry from the RIU chef Aritha Fernando who will guide you through the recipe step by step.


• Boneless chicken (12 pieces) 1kg

• Onion 150g

• Garlic 25g

• Chopped ginger 15g

• Sliced green chile 5g

• Diced tomato 50g

• Rampe (Pandan leaves) 20g

• Curry leaves 5g

• Ground toasted cardamon 5g

• Toasted ground cloves 2g

• Chili powder 10g

• Maldivian chicken curry powder 25g

• Turmeric powder 10g

• Coconut milk 200ml

• Scotch bonnet 10g

• Tamarind 25g

• Vegetable oil 75ml

• Salt and Pepper to taste


• Take out a large frying pan where we will start to heat up the vegetable oil. Once the oil is heated we will add onion, garlic, ginger, green chile, curry leaves, pandan leaves, cloves and cardamom until they begin to brown.

• Add the powdered chili, turmeric and the tomato slices. Once these ingredients are cooked, add the chicken and let all the ingredients mix together over the heat for five minutes.

• Add the coconut milk and continue cooking until all the ingredients have softened.

• Finally, add the curry, the tamarind, the salt and pepper to taste and we will have prepared our dish!

• Add the final touch of the sliced scotch bonnet.

Serve the dish with a generous sprinkling of love with aromatic basmati rice or roshi. Chef Aritha is waiting for you at RIU Maldives, to serve this very dish with a side of paradise when you visit the Maldives!