Six Senses Laamu is Best for...

Six Senses Laamu is Best for...

Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Six Senses Laamu is Best for...

Six Senses Laamu is a luxury resort on the remote Laamu atoll that is the epitome of a palm-fringed paradise in the Maldives. This resort is defined by its passion to infuse sustainability with luxury and create an exceptional, natural nirvana, that brings the guests and the resort’s natural beauties closer and closer, until they become unforgettable companions for life.

Six Senses Laamu has launched a special “Best For” edition which they found really quite exciting to do. What is your idea of what “Best For” edition means? If you haven’t guessed it correctly, the answer is that it means every single experience or indulgence which this luxury resort is best for!

Can you try and remember some of the stuff that you find Six Senses Laamu best for? It might not be the same as the one Six Senses Laamu created, but probably close enough. Six Senses Laamu has entitled its resort to be the Best for Animal Encounters and the Best for Extreme Sports.

Let’s look into what magic lies in each one!

Best for Animal Encounters

Six Senses Laamu loves its wildlife and immensely cares for its habitats and inhabitants, let it be the tiny clownfish or the gigantic hammerheads. There is no glass screen on both land or underwater. Who wants to watch dolphins wiggle around in an aquarium when you can watch them glide past you as you munch up on some breakfast!

Best for Extreme Sports

Want to enjoy a challenge, push your limits or simply experience something new? Take on some waves or blackwater dive in the Maldives. Make people envy your trip to the Maldives as the experiences you get with the extreme sports will keep you bragging for years!

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