Something Fresh to Celebrate Spring

Something Fresh to Celebrate Spring

Saturday 19th of March 2022

As spring approaches the Northern Hemisphere, it might be time to think about ways to renew your wellness for the year. Because who doesn't have 'living healthier' in one way or another on their New Year's Resolutions list?

Now, living healthier means something different to every person, and there is such a wide variety of things that make us feel like we're living healthier lives. But this time, we'll focus on the food. Something good and to make you feel better after you eat it.

The recipe here for tuna tartare is also delicious as an avocado tartare, with fresh lime juice squeezed on top, for those following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. And even if you aren't vegan or vegetarian, you might find it delicious!

The ingredients you'll need are;

• 80 gr fresh tuna

• 40 gr avocado

• Lime zest and juice

• 2 gr chopped spring onion

• Dill and sliced radish to garnish

• Salt & pepper

For the Seaweed Tartare;

• 10g Wakame seaweed dried

• 5g Capers

• 2 nori sheets

• 5g spring onion

And lastly, for the Green oil;

• 100ml Olive oil

• Small bunch parsley

To make seaweed tartare, soak the nori and wakame until soft. Drain and chop all ingredients together.

To make the green oil blend olive oil and parsley together and fine strain.

Dice the tuna and place in a bowl with lime zest ad juice, salt, and spring onion.

Chop the avocado and lightly mash with a fork, add salt and pepper and lime juice, place on the plate

Put onto the plate avocado round shape. On top arrange the tuna Place the one seaweed tartare in a middle. Add the garnish dill tips & red radish and green oil dribbled around,

Then just enjoy the meal with your favorite beverage and give your taste buds a treat!