South Asian Travel Awards 2024 Unveils Esteemed Partners

South Asian Travel Awards 2024 Unveils Esteemed Partners

Tuesday 11th of June 2024

The South Asian Travel Awards (SATA) is thrilled to announce its esteemed partners for the 2024 edition. The announcement was made at a grand signing ceremony in Male', Maldives, marking the beginning of another year dedicated to celebrating excellence in South Asian tourism and hospitality. SATA aims to unite key industry stakeholders to honor outstanding achievements across various categories.

Platinum Partner: Gulf Craft

Leading the lineup as the Platinum Partner is Gulf Craft, a global leader in luxury yacht and boat manufacturing. Gulf Craft's partnership adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the awards, perfectly reflecting the high standards of excellence that SATA celebrates. This collaboration is set to elevate the prestige of the event, ensuring it remains a highlight in the tourism industry calendar.

Gold Partners: Velana International Airport, The Hawks, and HARIM

Velana International Airport has joined SATA 2024 as a Gold Partner, showcasing their commitment to providing world-class aviation services that connect the Maldives to the rest of the world. This partnership underscores the critical role that aviation plays in the thriving tourism sector in South Asia.

The Hawks, another Gold Partner, exemplifies excellence in logistics and support services. Their involvement highlights the importance of efficient and reliable support systems in maintaining a robust tourism industry. The Hawks' contribution is vital to ensuring the seamless operation of travel and tourism services.

Hotels & Resorts Investments Maldives (HARIM) also stands as a Gold Partner, underscoring their dedication to developing premier hospitality experiences in the Maldives. HARIM's partnership signifies their ongoing efforts to enhance the region's appeal as a top travel destination by offering world-class accommodations and services.

Silver Partner: Resort Life Travel

Resort Life Travel continues to play a crucial role as the Silver Partner for SATA 2024. Known for curating memorable travel experiences, Resort Life Travel caters to the diverse needs of visitors to the Maldives and beyond. Their commitment to excellence ensures that tourists have unforgettable stays, contributing significantly to the region's tourism industry.

Endorsement Partner: Maldives Marketing & PR Company

The official Endorsement Partner for SATA 2024 is the Maldives Marketing & PR Company. Renowned for their role in promoting the Maldives as a premier travel destination, their support emphasizes the significance of the SATA awards in showcasing regional tourism successes. Their endorsement adds credibility and recognition to the event, furthering its mission to celebrate excellence in tourism.

Insurance Partner: Allied Insurance

Ensuring safety and peace of mind for all involved, Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives is the official Insurance Partner for SATA 2024. Allied Insurance provides comprehensive coverage and support to the tourism sector, reinforcing the importance of security and reliability in the industry.

Hospitality Partner, Maldives: Manhattan Business Hotel

As the Hospitality Partner for Maldives, Manhattan Business Hotel in Male' guarantees exceptional service and accommodations for jury members and delegates attending the Evaluation session in the Maldives. Their involvement ensures that participants experience the highest standards of hospitality during the event.

Promoting Excellence and Innovation

SATA continues its tradition of promoting excellence and innovation in the travel and tourism industry. As one of the most prestigious awards in South Asia, SATA not only recognizes the achievements of the winners but also contributes significantly to the growth and success of the sector in the region. The partnerships for the 2024 edition reflect a shared commitment to celebrating and enhancing the tourism and hospitality industries across South Asia.

For more information on the South Asian Travel Awards and its partners, visit the official SATA website. Join us in celebrating the outstanding achievements and contributions to South Asian tourism at the 2024 SATA event.