Still in Holiday Mood? Here’s 2 Drinks to Get the Party Started

Still in Holiday Mood? Here’s 2 Drinks to Get the Party Started

Monday 1st of February 2021

For a lot of us wander-lusters, 2020 came with postponing, readjusting and cancelling plans but we somehow managed to get in high spirits to welcome a hopeful 2021. Things may not have gone according to plan but Constance properties encouraged us to enjoy the festive season with some magic and sparkle that got us through.

Constance has 2 award winning luxury resorts in the Maldives – Constance Moofushi and Constance Halaveli – that lit up for the arrival of Santa bearing gifts for the festive season. If you missed the celebrations, worry not because below are two of the best kept secrets from each resort to get the party started.

Christmas Mocktail from Constance Halaveli

This drink is all the party fun in one – minus the alcohol. A fruity punch and sweet flavors jam packed in this mocktail will have you twisting in no time.


• Carn Strawberry

• 40ML Pineapple Juice (Infusion rosemary & Basil)

• 15ML Lemon Juice

• 10G Strawberry Sorbet

• Garnish: Lemon & Sugar Rim


• All ingredient put into the blender and blend well.

• Pour into Glass

• Garnish with lemon and Sugar Rim

Santa’s Gift Mocktail from Constance Moofushi

This is Maldives at your dining table on demand! The blend of tropical fruits makes up a true paradise-like mocktail that will transport you to the snowy white sandy beaches where soft blue Indian Ocean waves kiss the shores. Who do you think would enjoy this drink?


• 80ml Guava Juice

• 80ml Orange Juice

• 80ml Passion Juice

• 20ml Lime Juice

• 15ml Blue curacao syrup


• Blend all ingredients together

• Serve in a glass garnished with cut-up fruits