Stop & Shop At The Sandy Toes Island Boutique In Reethi Beach Resort

Stop & Shop At The Sandy Toes Island Boutique In Reethi Beach Resort

Wednesday 14th of September 2022

Souvenirs form an integral part of every travel experience and is a constant reminder of the cherished memories of a good time and a fabulous destination. In the Maldives, souvenirs are no-lacking with local handicrafts curating the most bespoke and authentic pieces for guests. Guests staying in Reethi Beach Resort can get access to many choices for souvenirs and more with the little island boutique, Sandy Toes located on the resort.

Adjacent to the reception, you will find this small but chic and elegant boutique home to a number of different products, elevating your travel experience by limits. Featuring a unique collection of beach wear, take the most insta-worthy pictures donning on your new piece that just resonates with the blues surrounding you.

The boutique also contains beauty products, postcards, toys and jewelry giving you a wide range of choices in your next shopping spree. Take back home a trinket or more of an everyday usable item like a handbag from the shop’s shelves.

Sandy Toes also immerses guests in a unique experience with the local craftsman, Abdulla Rasheed displaying indigenous Maldivian wood and artwork at the boutique. All souvenirs at the resort are crafted with the Maldivian culture and traditions in mind, providing rare and special items for guests to take. Furthermore, every crafted piece will be different and tailored to the guests’ wishes and consideration, curating a perfectly custom-made souvenir.

So don’t forget to stop by the boutique on your next walk past the shop and get that cherished memoir from Reethi Beach Resort.