Sushi Maestro Chef Pepi Anevski Brings World-Class Creations to Coco Bodu Hithi this Easter

Sushi Maestro Chef Pepi Anevski Brings World-Class Creations to Coco Bodu Hithi this Easter

Sunday 24th of March 2024

Coco Bodu Hithi is thrilled to announce the arrival of Chef Pepi Anevski, the celebrated sushi master, to its shores this Easter. Renowned as the first-ever World Sushi Cup champion, Chef Pepi will grace Tsuki, the resort’s Japanese-specialty restaurant, with his unparalleled culinary talents on March 31st and April 1st.

Hailing from Macedonia, Chef Pepi's journey to sushi stardom began in Japan, where he honed his skills under the mentorship of Mr. Masayoshi Kazato. With over two decades of experience and certifications from esteemed institutions like the World Sushi Skill Institute and the All-Japan Sushi Association, Chef Pepi has established himself as a trailblazer in the world of sushi.

At Coco Bodu Hithi, guests can anticipate an extraordinary dining experience as Chef Pepi crafts a menu that seamlessly blends traditional Japanese techniques with his signature creative flair. Dishes like Salmon Tataki with Tosa sauce and apple oroshi, and Kataifi Scallop with Gochujang butter promise to tantalize the taste buds with vibrant flavors and elegant surprises.

Alexi Argyris, General Manager of Coco Bodu Hithi, expressed his excitement about Chef Pepi's residency, anticipating not only inspiration for the team but also an elevated dining experience for guests.

Chef Pepi's visit to Coco Bodu Hithi marks the resort's first sushi-themed residency, adding a new dimension to its culinary offerings. Guests can indulge in two exclusive dinners on March 31st and April 1st, along with immersive experiences showcasing the fusion of Maldivian and Japanese flavors.

For those eager to embark on a culinary adventure with Chef Pepi, reservations are now open for stays between March 28th and April 3rd, 2024. To secure your spot and savor the exceptional creations of Chef Pepi Anevski, contact or call +960 664 6600.

Experience the artistry of Chef Pepi Anevski at Tsuki, where each dish tells a story of passion, innovation, and culinary excellence.