Take A Journey Into The Past With Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives’s Remarkable Wine Dinners

Take A Journey Into The Past With Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives’s Remarkable Wine Dinners

Tuesday 16th of August 2022

When people usually talk about trips they have been to, the food and cuisine of the place is mentioned many times, proving that the culinary expertise of a destination plays a vital role in creating well-loved memories. In Maldives, along with the geographical attractions we offer, guests can indulge in exceptional dining, ensuring the food at your stay will be a fond attribute of your vacation as well.

At Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives, immerse in the fine dining experiences provided by the resort in its chic dining spaces. For wine enthusiasts, the resort offers the most remarkable chance to take part in their monthly wine dinners. Bringing the humble beginnings of some of the oldest wineries and vineyards in the world, Grand Park Kodhipparu partners with world-famous winemakers each month. This month, the resort welcomes the Slovenian winery, Movia to be part of their unique dining experience, a winery that has decades of winemaking to complete their portfolio. Movia winery houses experts of winemakers and viticulturists and dates back 9 generations, carrying with them a long history of wines that are sure to thrill guests at the wine dinner.

At these wine dinners, wine-lovers residing at the resort will all gather under one table where the prestigious winemakers and chefs will convey stories about the history of the vineyard and the beginning of the business. Through these stories, trench deeper into the depths of ancient history and unearth the long buried memories of these wineries, developing a great appreciation to the wine your sipping as well. Be transported to war zones, where a fleeing family somehow started a small winery that have become an empire or delve on how the scarcest ingredients in your exquisite wines are derived from remote areas of Indonesia. By the time the wine dinner ends, new friends and old memories will be made to further enhance the magic of Maldives.

Kodhipparu Maldives grant guests the opportunity to tailor their taste buds and landscape to their fashion by offering a wide array of private dining locations. Take a meal in a floating deck of the ocean, surrounded by a myriad of blues or opt for the peace and quiet of a calm sandbank with waves lapping around. Or even abandon the shores and waters and enjoy a dinner at a dimly lit table in the green foliage of the jungle. If private dinners are not for you, simple enjoy the extensive cuisines at the many restaurants of the resort and if you are lucky, catch a Michelin-starred chef flare up the dishes with a visit to the Indian Ocean haven.

Burrowed in the pristine North Male’ Atoll, Grand Park Kodhipparu Maldives can be reached by a short 20-minute speedboat ride from Velana International Airport. Boasting the best dive spots with thriving marine life, explore the scenic surroundings that are below the sea. Home to 120 spacious and grand villas, featured both over-water and on the beachfront, the resort is specially curated for the chic lifestyle. Relax in the award-winning overwater-spa or dip your muscles in the infinity pool, while taking in the breathtaking sceneries of Maldives. As a family-friendly resort, the resort offers many fun activities for kids as well with a designated Little Explorers club present too.