Take A Look At The Latest Statistics In The Tourism Sector

Take A Look At The Latest Statistics In The Tourism Sector

Thursday 22nd of September 2022

On Monday, Ministry of Tourism revealed the latest daily updates for the month of September 2022. As of 19th September, the arrival numbers stand at 1,141,122 visitors, slowly inching close to 1.5 Million. Even though, the growth percentage is 4.8% less than 2019 still the current rates are significantly higher than last year with a massive growth of 38.5%.

The daily average number of arrivals are now at 4,372 which is a small inclination from the month of August. On average, tourists spend at least 8 days in the Maldives. During this month, the highest number of arrivals were seen on Thursday, 17th September with 3,953 visitors gracing our shores.

As for the market share, India is consistently defending its title at the top, contributing to a market share of 14.2%. The Russian market has gained a rank, pushing back the United Kingdom to the third position. Both the Russian and British markets comprise of approximately a 11% of the market share. Other top source markets to the Maldives include Germany, Italy, USA, Spain, Saudi Arabia, France and Switzerland.

Many different tourist accommodations are now almost in full operation in the country. This includes Resorts/Marinas, Guesthouses, Safari Vessels, Hotels and even the recently introduced Homestay. The greatest bed capacity in accommodations are taken up by resorts contributing more than half of the market share. The second largest bed capacity is featured in guesthouses with a value of 24%. Safari vessels and hotels take up the rest, bringing the total bed capacity to 58,461 beds.