The Fisheries & Agriculture Sector in Maldives

The Fisheries & Agriculture Sector in Maldives

Thursday 23rd of January 2020

The Fisheries & Agriculture Sector in Maldives

The Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA) is an international conference on central issues of vital importance for global agricultural and food policies. Maldives participated in this forum that was from 16th to 20th January in Berlin.

High-level representatives from more than 10 international organizations such as the FAO, OECD, WTO and World Bank also attended the conference. Minister of Fisheries, Marine resource and Agriculture Zaha Waheed was invited by the Federal Minister for Agriculture.

The moral ‘Food for all! Trade for Secure, Diverse and Sustainable Nutrition’ aims to eliminate world hunger and establish food security in countries. This is the second time Maldives participated in GFFA.

The Minister’s speech included the difficulties faced by Maldives in achieving food and nutritional security and the importance of being prepared for the impact on fisheries and agriculture industry due to climate changes.

Maldives’ delegation also participated in International Green Week, where countries showcase their products in fisheries and agriculture as well as provide information in related projects. The officials from Maldives attempted to gather information on the projects and programs that could be carried out in the country.

Given the fact that the 99% of the Maldivian territory is comprised of ocean, the fisheries sector plays a critical role in food supply and economic development. However, with the exception of coconut and tuna, 90% of all food items are imported to the Maldives. It is important that steps are taken to develop the agriculture industry of the country.