The Monaco of Maldives

The Monaco of Maldives

Sunday 13th of December 2020

Sitting at the tip on Noonu Atoll in the Northern part of Maldives is an inhabited island that seems a little too urban when you look at it from the outside. A tropical island dotted with safaris around it? But come closer and you’ll discover the real treasures: rich culture and warm hospitality. And don’t forget to add a stunning beach.

Photo by Mohamed Shinaz

Velidhoo is one of the most popular islands among tourists seeking an island vacation. It is known as the safari island, as you can see a fringe of vessels on the turquoise water surrounding the island. Here, the simplest things amaze you. For example, a huge lonely tree in the middle of land under the scorching sun. Or a modern looking house surrounded by old traditional Maldivian houses made with limestone corals.

Things start to get double amazing as you dive into the water. You can go for an afternoon swim to get some cool tans before you leave. Or have a magical experience by going to the beach at sunset time, when golden hues take over the sky and the ocean below. But if you want to go deep under the ocean and say hello to some friends, Euro-Divers Velidhu is a dive center in the island offering you the chance to go wall diving, channel diving and also wreck diving.

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