The Swaying Palm Trees at Hideaway Call One thing: “Welcome Back to this Garden Paradise!”

The Swaying Palm Trees at Hideaway Call One thing: “Welcome Back to this Garden Paradise!”

Saturday 21st of November 2020

Hideaway Resort & Spa reopened its doors on the 15th of November 2020, along with a new, next-level definition of luxurious escapes. This isn’t just a tropical resort; it’s 33 hectares of a garden paradise. And as badly as you want to have a vacay here, the resort is excited to have you back, with rigorous Health & Safety measures and some new technological assistance.

Apart from refined hygiene standards and dedication, Hideaway’s team Butlers have been retrained. The resort introduced a wellness program in partnership with Diversey, and it covers social distancing, health, hygiene and enhanced sanitisation across the entire guest journey. So it looks like safety least concerning at this secluded island.

Every step you take is a chance to discover something new. At the luxurious Hideaway Spa, rediscover yourself, rejuvenate and unwind. The resort also boasts a fabulous selection of restaurants and bars. Meanwhile, for some fun, it offers a vast selection of exciting and relaxing activities. From tennis and badminton to scuba diving and water skiing, there is something for everyone to keep guests entertained throughout their stay.

Although you might not feel like getting out of your luxurious villa, which is spacious and paired with a backyard and beach, surrounded by thick foliage to provide the illusion that each villa’s guest is in their own private island, the food here is irresistible as well. Some revamped dining menus are available at all the restaurants at Hideaway. The resort’s chefs are eagerly waiting to entice your tastebuds with new flavours.

But Hideaway made sure to offer you a treat and offer it in the sweetest way. That’s why it has some exciting re-opening offers available which guests can get savings from 30% to 40% off their stay at the resort!

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