Tick All These Experiences At Your Stay In Biyadhoo Island Resort Maldives

Tick All These Experiences At Your Stay In Biyadhoo Island Resort Maldives

Sunday 18th of December 2022

Tucked away among the turquoise folds of the Indian Ocean, Biyadhoo Island Resort Maldives can be reached from a short speedboat ride from Velana International Airport. Deemed a tropical haven, the island resort is a playground for many unique experiences that you can find only in the Maldives. Whether your bucket list includes island hopping, snorkelling or even cruising alongside the dolphins, Biyadhoo has got your back!

Have a look into these extraordinary experiences that are guaranteed to tick all bucket lists and add countless memories to your travel diaries.

Dolphin Watching

The flora and fauna of the Indian Ocean are extensive and are home to some of the gentlest and most friendly creatures. One such marine animal is the well-loved dolphins and, in the Maldives these creatures are sighted quite frequently, giving guests the chance to see the bottle-nosed creatures.

Jump on a cruise to see the dolphins as they dance in and out of the waters, fascinating guests with their display. Given the friendly nature of dolphins, they usually jump alongside the Dhoni too, providing picture-worthy close-ups of the marine animals,

Sunset Cruise

The Maldives is well-renowned for its beauty and sunsets are no exception to this rule. Every day remarkable sunsets grace our skies, staining the dusky sky with palettes of orange, red, yellow, pink and purple. The golden hour is one of the highlights of any Maldivian experience and what better way to experience it than on the waters?

Out on the waters, guests can capture panoramic views of the sunset as the whole landscape transforms into hues of colours. Canapes and sparkling wine offered on the cruise will surely help to savour the moment better.

Island Hopping

Choose to learn the culture and lifestyle of Maldivians first-hand by paying a visit to one of the local islands or the Capital City, Male’. Inhabited islands near the resort offer a window to witness the celebrated hospitality of the Maldives and revel in the local community and tranquility present in the island-style living. Guests can also try out some local delicacies during their trip.

The capital city, Male has much to offer with its bustling, busy city vibe. Regardless of the on-the-go lifestyle in Male’ guests can always find quaint shops and cozy cafés in the capital as well as several historical landmarks that are worth a visit.