Top Chef Todd Adams to Lead Culinary Delights at SO/ Maldives Resort Opening in November

Top Chef Todd Adams to Lead Culinary Delights at SO/ Maldives Resort Opening in November

Thursday 14th of September 2023

The culinary world is abuzz with excitement as Todd Adams, a distinguished chef with over two decades of international experience, takes the helm as the Director of Culinary for the soon-to-open SO/ Maldives resort. This eagerly awaited resort, located on a breathtaking private island overlooking the enchanting Emboodhoo Lagoon, is set to elevate the Maldives' culinary scene to new heights.

Hailing from the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, Todd Adams' passion for cooking runs deep in his veins, coming from a family of chefs. His culinary journey began in Australia, where he honed his skills at various esteemed establishments before venturing into his own consulting business. In this capacity, he collaborated with Luxury Hospitality brands such as Capella Hotels, Patina Hotels, Habitas, and Six Senses Hotels & Resorts, spanning diverse destinations like Vietnam, Spain, Cambodia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the Maldives.

"I am thrilled to be a part of the SO/ Maldives opening team and to contribute to the growth and success of this new project," says Todd. He emphasizes his commitment to sustainability, ethical farming practices, and culinary creativity as key pillars in his approach to crafting memorable dining experiences at SO/ Maldives.

With a modern, contemporary, and intuitive approach to cooking, Todd Adams will oversee the culinary team and operations at SO/ Maldives. His culinary vision will come to life across the resort's dining venues, from the Mediterranean-infused Lazuli Beach Club to the Asian-inspired The Citronelle Club, and the signature Levantine restaurant, Hadaba. Todd firmly believes that the quality of ingredients directly influences the final dish, ultimately enhancing the guest dining experience.

SO/ Maldives beckons travelers to the front row, offering a curated selection of bespoke beachfront and over-water villas designed by renowned creatives. Nestled on its exclusive island overlooking the turquoise Emboodhoo Lagoon, this resort promises to be a coveted destination for adventurous and style-conscious socializers, whisking them away for unforgettable days in the Maldives.

Ennismore, the London-based hotel and hospitality firm behind SO/ Maldives, is known for its portfolio of visionary and purpose-driven brands, including SO/, Mondrian, Mama Shelter, SLS, Delano, The Hoxton, and 25hours.

As the culinary maestro Todd Adams prepares to tantalize taste buds at SO/ Maldives, the world eagerly awaits the grand opening of this luxurious resort, where every dish promises to be a culinary masterpiece. To be part of SO/ Maldives' glamorous team, aspiring talents are invited to send their CV to Join the front row and witness the culinary magic unfold at SO/ Maldives.