Travel Advice for Seamless Travel for the Half-Term Break

Travel Advice for Seamless Travel for the Half-Term Break

Thursday 14th of October 2021

As the mid-term breaks fall upon us, a lot of us are already packing our bags for that much-awaited mini break. As terminals at every port gear up to cater to the influx of passengers, here are some tips to keep in mind while flying.

1. Check the destination requirements.

Although destinations around the world are slowly easing up travel restrictions amid the pandemic, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the requirements before confirming any travel plans. Make sure all required documentation is handy while travelling.

2. Check-in online and arrive early.

Delays and bumps are expected when flying in the high season therefore, leave home for the airport with time to spare. Utilize the conveniences of technology and check in online too!

3. Check the flight timing and departure terminal.

Many airlines update their flight details online for passengers to access from anywhere at any time. In order to not miss any update, check for details regularly. At bigger airports, flights are frequently shuffled to adjust to the schedules so be alert on finding your way to the respective gates on time.

4. Check the baggage allowance

You are going for holiday; you are not shifting to the destination. baggage weight can be tricky to go around so if you do not want to spend extra on the weight of just one more shoe, always check for baggage weight limit and inquire about allowance.