Visit Maldives Later- Campaign by MMPRC

Visit Maldives Later- Campaign by MMPRC

Wednesday 25th of March 2020

Visit Maldives Later- Campaign by MMPRC

Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), the government body mandated with the promotion of Maldives as a tourist destination, is advising the globe to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic without travelling.

Tourism boards put in all efforts to promote their countries. In fact, MMPRC has participated in several trade fairs this year such as the Business/Mice & Leisure Mart (BLTM) held in Delhi, marketing campaigns like the mega taxi advertising campaign in Milan and have also won many awards such as the "Best Stand Decoration" award at Business & Luxury Travel Mart (BLTM).

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Nevertheless, as coronavirus cases continue to rise across the globe, travelling is restricted and social distancing is encouraged as much as possible. MMPRC has urged visitors to stay safe through three posts on Instagram with the hashtags #StayHome #StaySafe and #VisitMaldivesLater.

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The government has restricted travel from many countries as well as checking in into guesthouses and hotels in Male, Hulhumale and Villimale. Tourists are allowed to check-in to resorts and safari boats which have no direct contact with the local communities due to the destination’s geographical formation.